Utilizing the Free Trade Agreement for Indonesia Seminar

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG – On Tuesday, 7th of May 2019, President University’s Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) organized a seminar which was conducted by the FTA Center Jakarta, discussing the topic of “The Utilization of Free Trade Agreement for Indonesia: Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) Case Study”, which was delivered by the speaker, Mr. Rico Nugrahatama, an Expert in the Implementation of Results of International Agreements in FTA Center Jakarta. The seminar was attended by International Relations Study Program’s beloved lecturers, Mr. Teuku Rezasyah, Mr. Anggara Raharyo, Mr. Hendra Manurung, Mr. Gibran Mahesa Drajat, Ms. Ilmi Dwi Astuti, and Ms. Isyana Adriani, along with students of the International Relations Study Program participating in the seminar from Batch 2016 to Batch 2018.

The event was started off with opening remarks from Mr. Hendra Manurung, S.IP., M.A., a lecturer from the International Relations Study Program, where he had explained that one of most important thing is keeping a bilateral relation between two nations is important and vital for the improvement for each nation, and shared his hope that we will learn a lot about the opportunities that either Indonesia will gain profit or not in this Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement Seminar, before it continued onto Mr. Rico Nugrahatama to deliver his speech. He had explained that the FTA Center Jakarta started in 2015 with the name of AEC Center/Asean Economic Center then changed into FTA Center so the involved country is not only ASEAN but also other countries outside ASEAN. He had also explained the brief data of Indonesian Export-Import Report from Ministry of Trade, mentioning that Indonesia is quite good on manufacturing. Mr. Nugrahatama then retold of the 9 Agreements of International Trade that had been ratified or signed in the 2007-2019 period. Lastly, he explained of the other Trade Agreements such as PTA, FTA, ASEAN FTA, and CEPA before he had given a video playback for the participants to watch for more insight to the topic being discussed.

Continuing with the speech, Mr. Nugrahatama explained briefly of Australia’s involvement in trade investments with Indonesia. He had informed the audience that petroleum gas, oil, furniture, rubber, and foot-wear were most commonly exported to Australia from Indonesia. He had also mentioned about the deficit in the export and importing business. Coming to the end of his speech, he had highlighted the important issues, which were the profit of exports and imports.

Mr. Rico Nugrahatama had received many questions from audience regarding the topic, proving to have gained attention and curiosity from the participants. The seminar had closed off with the exchange of the token of appreciation given to Mr. Rico Nugrahatama, which was delivered by Mr. Hendra Manurung, including the exchanging of placards between FTA Center Jakarta and President University.

The event was officially closed by the Master of Ceremony, and completed with a photo session with the speaker and participants of the seminar.

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