Prevent Fake News through Journalism Training 2019

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG - International Relations Major Association in President University (PUMA IR) successfully conducted an event for President University Student who have passion in Journalism. The event called “Journalism Training 2019” that held in Ballroom Hotel Santika Cikarang, 15th of April 2019.

Journalism Training is an annual event conducted by President University Major Association in International Relations which its purpose to sharpen the students’ journalism skills, increase the students’ interest in journalism field, and also improve the students’ critical thinking in order to distinguish between fake news and real news.

Even though Journalism Training is an annual event held every year, but “Journalism Training 2019” had a significant difference from last year Journalism Training, because Journalism Training 2019 not only taught the participant to write an article properly, but this year Journalism Training succeed taught the participant from gather the news, assess the news itself, Write an article and finally present the article that they have made in front of the audience.

Journalism Training 2019 invited Aprilia Putri as the speaker, a well-known Journalist from MNC Media, she is also currently working on iNews TV as a news anchor. Journalism Training 2019 brought the theme of “Implementing Journalism to the Next Generations in Order to Prevent Fake News”. Because, in this past few months there is a lot of fake news that spread in Indonesia and unfortunately, Indonesian people is easily to believe in that fake news.

The event opened by the honorable Chairperson of International Relations Major Association, Muhammad Hibban. He welcomed all the audience, and gave several suggestions for the committees of the event. The event continuing with opening remarks by the Project Manager of Journalism Training 2019, Alfaqah Dwi. He appreciated all the committees for their hard work, welcomed all the participants and also shares his journey and experiences in Journalism field to the audiences. After the opening remarks ends, the Master of Ceremony, Nadhiffa Catradissa explained the details of the event to the audiences and invited Aprilia Putri to the stage.

The event divided into three sessions, the first session is a seminar which was delivered by Aprilia Putri, as the speaker of the event. She explained about the theme of Journalism Training 2019 which is “Implementing Journalism to The Next Generations in Order to Prevent Fake News”, she discuss about several topic that currently trending in Indonesia, she taught the audience about characteristics of fake news and how to detect a fake news itself, Not only that she also taught the audience how to write an article properly. After she explained the materials, she asked several questions to the audience, and the audience answers the question with vigorously. The situation in the event session ran smoothly, every student had respected others opinions and perspectives, they exchange ideas together, discuss who created the fake news, why they created the fake news, what is the purpose of It, how to prevent it and what we should do for our next generation in order to make them to not fall for the fake news. After the first session end, the participants were guided by the committees to the rooftop restaurant of Hotel Santika Cikarang, in there the participants enjoyed their lunch with several Asian, Western food, and also fruits and desserts as well.

In the second session, the committees played a movie which titled “Why CEO Died?” and also gave the participants a piece of paper consists of the investigation report of the case by the police department. Not only that, the committees conducted a press conference of the suspected murder, doctor forensic and the witness. In this session, the participants have to analyze the case from every perspective before they write an article about the case in order to prevent a biased article.

In the third session of the event, the participants wrote an article based on what they have got in the second session, after the participants created their own article, that have to present the article that they have made in front of the audience like a professional news anchor.

This event not only attended by International Relations students, but also several students from Communications study program, Before the Master of Ceremony, Ni Made Cikhara close the event, she announced two awards for the audience which are The Best Dressed, & The Most Outstanding Journalist. The Best Dressed won by Karl Gading S from IR Batch 2018 and Mayang Lestari from IR Batch 2017. while The Most Outstanding Journalist won by Lukas Mikael (IR 17), Halimah Dewi (IR 17), Femi Rachma (IR 17), Giffariel Novansyah (IR 17), Bayu Trihanggoro (IR 18), and Windy Raodhatul (IR 18).

Lastly, Chairperson of PUMA IR, Muhammad Hibban and Project Manager of Journalism Training 2019 gave token of appreciation & International Relations Insight (IRIS) Magazine to the speaker, Aprilia Putri. The event was officially closed by the Master of Ceremony, and completed with a photo session with the speaker and participants of the seminar. Despite the hectic preparation, the event was deemed a success and hopefully had given the students that participated in Journalism Training a huge amount of knowledge.


BY : Alfaqah Dwi (IR 2018)

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