NGOPS 2023: Gender Equality in Afghanistan; The Results of the Taliban Regime

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG - Ngomongin Politik dan Sosial (NGOPS) 2023 was held with great success on February 27th, 2023 under the Academic Division of PUMA IR 2023. This year’s NGOPS brought the theme “Gender Equality in Afghanistan: The Result of Taliban’s Regime” which focuses on the situation that the Taliban has mercilessly consumed Afghanistan with. One of the highlights of NGOPS is the speakers, and this year two speakers were provided, namely Reynold Hutabarat and Putri Wahyuni. The speakers were accompanied by Daniel George as the moderator to ensure the smooth sailing of the talk. Additionally, Dr. Jeanne Francoise was also invited to offer her analysis and thoughts on the discussion. 


The event was carried out on the second floor of Fablab from 10:00 AM to 12:35 PM. It was first opened by the Master of Ceremonies, followed by a speech by the Project Manager of NGOPS 2023, Olivia Vajrin, and the Chairperson of PUMA IR 2023, Petrasia Depe Gani. Eventually, both speakers took the stage to deliver their talk. The theme’s objective is to shed light on the recent situation that has taken control over Afghanistan. Precisely, women living in Afghanistan are subjected to certain policies that have restricted their rights and freedoms. As an event, NGOPS aims to invite both participants and speakers to have an open and healthy discussion regarding the topic, hence after both speakers finished their session, participants were encouraged to convey their own opinions relating to the topic. During this session, the participants were immensely enthused in expressing their opinions, more so after knowing about the appalling situation that has taken hold of Afghanistan. Following the discussion session, Dr. Jeanne Francoise proceeded to lead the analytical session, in which her own perspective and thoughts were conveyed. Dr. Jeanne Francoise graciously gave us her profound insights as a lecturer and researcher of International Relations. 


The event proceeded smoothly until the closing session. The Master of Ceremonies closed the event with an awarding session for the best participants who had willingly participated in the discussion session of the event. Furthermore, the photo session was handled by the MTDD committees, marking the end of this year's NGOPS which has undoubtedly brought tremendous benefits to everyone involved in it. 


By: Holy Intan Gautami (IR 2022)

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