Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Invitation to PUMA IR Students

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG- Students of President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) was invited by the Ministry of foreign affairs to attend a Talk Show about protection against WNI who are abroad. The seminar was held in Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel in the heart of the capital city of Jakarta n(19/12/2017). This seminar entitled “Paradigma Kebijakan Perlindungan WNI di Luar Negeri dalam 3 Tahun Kabinet Jokowi JK”. The people invited to this seminar are experienced in diplomacy and most of whom are experienced in solving international problems.

There were two sessions at this Talk Show, where the two sessions were explained whats on the other side of the diploma world. The guests invited to the talk show came from various elements including human rights activists, academics, legal experts, journalists, and former heads of Indonesian representatives. Where many people assume that the world of our diplomacy will be placed in the office with the same neatness as it represents a country. One of the duties of a diplomat is to protect citizens of Indonesia who are outside the country with any condition. In fact, diplomats are very different from our point of view and are carrying quite a heavy task. We as diplomats have more complex problems than that and it must be solved. We are also given an explanation of the process of negotiation in unreasonable and complex matters and how to solve the problem. In this Talk Show, Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave its appreciation to those who helped a lot in protecting Indonesian citizens abroad with the conferment of Hassan Wirajuda Award (HWPA) and we congratulate everyone who earned the award.

We also have a special a special guest who is the deputy of the foreign ministry, Abdurrahman M. Fahrir, to give appreciation to the diplomats who have given their time and energy to provide effective protection for the citizens with the appreciation of Hassan Wirajuda Award. We are grateful for the opportunity given to us by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia. This seminar totally add our insight into the world of diplomacy and of course make us more enthusiastic in exploring the world of international relations.


By: Lukas Mikael (IR 2017)

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