Kopi Kenangan Marketing Strategy to be Able to Expand the Global Market
Joseptian Feliks – President University Master Program

         The rapid development of the Kopi Kenangan Start-up company in the Indonesian market is inseparable from the marketing strategy they prepared and carried out properly and appropriately. With this marketing strategy, Kopi Kenangan will be able to expand out of Indonesia so that it will be able to compete in the global market. Therefore, an international marketing strategy is very necessary for Kopi Kenangan to be able to play in the global market.

         Key Words: Kopi Kenangan, global marketing, global market, start-up

I. Introduction

         The existence of start-up-based companies is not unfamiliar in Indonesia. Initially, this company was a trend among millennials and the younger generation because start-up companies have a modern work environment and other advantages in it. This makes start-up companies increasing in number and increasing significantly their existence, thus helping to boost the economy in Indonesia today (Siregar, 2021). Start-up companies themselves consist of various types, not only types of retail or insurance companies, but there are also those engaged in food and beverages. For example, Kopi Kenangan, this Company from Indonesia has established themselves as a start-up company that sells coffee. Start-up Kopi Kenangan was established in 2017, thanks to the business start-ups of Edward Tirtanata and James Prananto. At that time, Kopi Kenangan started a business with five employees and capital worth 16,900 US dollars or around less than 250 million rupiah. Kopi Kenangan itself has a strategy to open the first branch in a Jakarta office building, where they set a promo to buy 1 get 1 and managed to sell around 700 cups of coffee on the first day (Isna, 2020).

        The success of Kopi Kenangan in Indonesia cannot be separated from the marketing strategy they instilled, where they have a strategy to do zero-rupiah marketing, by utilizing existing digital technology, such as in marketing through social media and their applications. Therefore, this article will try to discuss what global marketing strategies Kopi Kenangan can do in the future for them to expand into the global market.

II. Theoretical Framework

        First of all, we must know the initial stage of marketing itself, where the most fundamental feature of marketing is that it is a universal discipline. Marketing is fundamentally a set of concepts, tools, theories, practices, procedures, and experiences. Marketing is the process of focusing an organization's resources and objectives on environmental possibilities and requirements (Elvira, 2021). This article will also try to see the analysis in the book Global Marketing written by Kate Gillespie and K. Scott Swan (2021), where it is known that the benchmark for the success of an international marketing strategy that a company must be able to balance the demands of globalization of a standard platform, political pressures around the world, and the ability to localize to the top of the individual, because the company has to learn what each of their customer products likes. This is in line with the development that occurs in the global market which is so rapid every year (Gillespie, 2022).

III. Analysis

       Currently, Kopi Kenangan itself has assumed unicorn status, as the first food and beverages start-up to have Unicorn status in Southeast Asia of USD 1 billion (Apsari, 2021). According to data taken, Kopi Kenangan targets to open a total of 1,000 outlets by the end of 2022. As for the second month of 2022, Kopi Kenangan has a total of 642 outlets spread throughout Indonesia, from a statement taken from one of the public relations managers of Kopi Kenangan, currently kopi Kenangan sales are leading to three times the highest sales figure before the pandemic (Fitri, 2022).

        From the rapid development of Kopi Kenangan in Indonesia, it is very possible for Kopi Kenangan to continue to develop to the global market, the expansion that Kopi Kenangan will carry out in the global market will be in line with being supported by determining the right marketing strategy. The author of this article sees by analysing the marketing theory of the existing global marketing by conducting research on each country to be targeted, the research aims to find out the market conditions in each area that will be entered by Kopi Kenangan. By understanding the condition of consumers in each existing market, It allows Kopi Kenangan to carry out a more organized and maximum marketing strategy by minimizing errors. 

        Actually, currently Kopi Kenangan has several offices spread abroad such as Singapore, and Malaysia. But if the marketing carried out is global, then Kopi Kenangan must have several offices spread across each regional representative, so that the research and development carried out to determine the marketing strategy to be carried out will be appropriate.

IV. Conclusion

         With existing resources, in the future, the marketing strategy for the global market carried out by Kopi Kenangan will be able to make them enter a new era, yes it becomes a player in the global market. The placement of their representatives in each existing region to be able to find out market conditions and consumers will make the continuity of Kopi Kenangan's expansion in the global market feel very possible.


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