IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG - On the 11th of June 2022, the Journalism division of PUMA IR 2022 successfully conducted Journalism Training 2022. The event brought out the theme “Journalist Writing on The Objectivity of Publication and Information to The Public,” which aims for participants to understand the procedures that Journalists do before publishing their writing. This event also was attended by the Head of the International Relations Study Program, Mr. Dr. Muhammad A.S Hikam M.A, Ph.d. Also attended by two amazing speakers, Ms. Nola Hariadi, a news anchor at iNEWS Jatim, and Mr. M. Raudy Gathmyr, S.Sos., M.Si, who is a Journalist at a national private TV station and Head of the Department of Communication Studies at President University.

The event was being held through Zoom online meeting and was opened by the Master of Ceremony, and then continued by reading all the agendas for a whole day. After the opening by MC then followed up by remarks from the Project Manager of Journalism Training 2022, Adam. Next, the second remark came from the Chairperson of PUMA IR 2022, Andi Puteri Salsabila Nabone. Lastly, the remarks came from the Head of the International Relations Study Program, Mr. Drs. Muhammad A.S Hikam M.A, Ph.d.

After all the remarks session, Ms. Nola Hariadi and Mr. M. Raudy Gathmyr, S.Sos., M.Si deliver their amazing materials. After the material session, there was a playback of video roleplay for the next agenda, which was the Discussion of a case study. The participants were also given time to have a group discussion regarding the case study. Followed up by Interview Session with a role-player to get more clues on the case study. The interview Session was the last agenda of the first session.

The second session continued after the break time. Master of Ceremony warmly opened this session and then continued to the first agenda, which was a writing article session that the participants would do with their group. Moving on to the second agenda, which was the material session delivered by Ms. Nola Hariadi regarding how to deliver the news in a news anchor way. After that, Ms. Nola Hariadi challenged participants and committees to do News Anchor Simulation. The agenda was fun and challenging, after all. After the news anchor simulation was accomplished, we eventually arrived at the last agenda of this event, which was the Awarding Session. The event was closed by the master of the ceremony, and lastly, we also encouraged all the participants to do the photo session together.

By: Adam (IR 2021)

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