January 6, 2016

Send Us Your Article!

Do you want to be a Journalist?

Do you want your article published in magazine?

IRIS MAGAZINE Open Submission Article for the 14th Edition! with ENVIRONMENTAL 4.0 as it's theme.

The Requirement for your article:

1. The amount of words is approximately 900 words.
2. Avoid plagiarism and inadvertent lack of citations
3. All text must be well‐written, clear, straightforward, easy to follow, and logical (facts and identical data must be proven).
4. Examine your own cultural values ​​and avoid imposing those values ​​on others. Avoid
stereotypes by race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, geography, sexual orientation,
disability, physical appearance, or social status. Support open exchange of views, even
your views may find repulsive.
5. Any additional picture that is related to the article can be submitted in the form of jpg,jpeg,png.

Send your article to our e-mail on internationalrelationsinsight@gmail.com

DO NOT FORGET to put your:

  • Name and batch
  • ID Number
  • Major and University
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We will contact you if your writing or article is being approved!

Good luck for you!