IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG - Under the Sport and Art Division of PUMA IR 2022, the International Relations Cup (IR CUP) 2022 was successfully conducted within approximately 10 days, from 18 March 2022, which began with a Technical Meeting and continued with an Opening on 19 March 2022. The competition lasted for 1 week, followed by Closing on 27 March 2022. This IR Cup 2022 was raised the theme from the Hunger Game movie, with the tagline "MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR" and was opened for President University's students. This year's IR Cup competition was held offline and online, with 4 sports games which are Futsal, Basketball, Billiard, and Chess. And also the e-sport competition, which is Mobile Legend.

On the Technical Meeting, there was the opening ceremony led and opened by the Master of Ceremony, and continued to explain the Theme, Concept, Agenda, and Rules and Regulations for each sports session during this IR Cup by representatives of the EO and PIC sports committee. And continued with closing and shouting the tagline together with the participants.

The next day, the MC led the Opening Ceremony and continued with the first agenda, speech sessions. The first speech was delivered by the Chairperson of PUMA IR, Andi Puteri Salsabila Nabone. Then, continued to the second speech, which came from the Project Manager of IR CUP 2022, Elisabeth Stefanny Luis, which at the same time also officially opened the IR Cup 2022. When the video teaser began to play, the atmosphere became more exciting as everyone continued to shout the tagline together. At the end of the opening ceremony's agenda, before jumping to the closing, MC leads the participants to sing the IR Yell in unison to invoke the spirit of all participants. Finally, the Master of Ceremony urges all participants to prepare for the upcoming competition match.

Eventually, the event wrapped up with the closing ceremony on the last day of the IR Cup 2022. The Master of Ceremony opened the closing ceremony, then continued with the speech from the Chairperson of PUMA IR 2022 and next to the Project Manager IR Cup 2022. After that, before proceeding to the award session, there was a video recap screening session during the entire IR Cup 2022 competition, which was very exciting and memorable. And the excitement and the enthusiasm of participants combined during the awarding session with the performance by the IR students, which was very stunning. Then, this event was officially closed by the Master of Ceremony and was followed by shouting the tagline of IR Cup 2022 and a group photo session to catch the moment through all the participants.

By: Luthfy Ayuning (IR 2020)

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