April 6, 2017

FPCI Chapter President University

Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) is a non – profit and non – political organization that run in international relations field. FPCI would like to facilitate to unite all of the students, lecturers, and also other department which related to international field.

Therefore, FPCI made with the purposes to develop the internationalism of Indonesia, and to project it to all around the world. FPCI determined to form a large community of international relations in Indonesia which has a global insight and sensitive to the issues of bilateral, regional, and global. FPCI also aims to become a facilitator that could bring the “world” to the area and at the same time also bring the ideas to the national and to the world stage.

Many students, not only International relations students, are also much related with the international issues and actors. Therefore, FPCI Chapter help, provide, and bridging the students with every actor that related to international field by giving and provide the events that related with both national and international field to develop the knowledge.

FPCI Chapter President University Community is a Community under International Relations Study Program with supervision of Foreign Affairs Division PUMA IR.

“Shaping and Promoting Positive Indonesian Internationalism throughout the Nation and to the World”


Structure and Job Description

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