IRPRESUNIV, CIKARANG — Academic Division under President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) had successfully hosted Diplomat One Day on Saturday, 6th November 2021. This event was aimed to give opportunity for all participants to feel and know how to be a diplomat in one day. With the theme “The Food Security in Kenyan Refugess Camps”, the participants enthusiasm was highly felt, although it was held online.

Attended by two spectacular speakers, Diplomat One Day consist of three sessions namely webinar session, table manner course session, and short diplomatic session. The webinar session was brought by Mr. Adam Mulawarman Tugio, the Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan, meanwhile Mr. Dikki Zuchradi Choesrani, SST.Par., M.M. who is the lecturer at STP Trisakti was delivering the table manner course session.

Diplomat One Day was opened by the Master of Ceremony, and before jumping to the main agenda, the MC welcomed several parties to give their speech. The first speech came from the Project Manager of Diplomat One Day, Gianfranco Mannuel. Then, continued with the second speech from the Chairperson of PUMA IR 2021, Marcelino Timothy. Afterward, the last opening speech was given by the Secretary of IRSP, Ms. Natasya Kusumawardani, S.IP., MProfStuds (Hons). After all the speech had been delivered, then finally arrived at the webinar session that was being led by the Moderator, Rina Marcella.

Themed about “Health Diplomacy”, Mr. Adam explained about that health diplomacy is one of the important subjects in the diplomatic community and has become a diplomatic tool for countries. He explained that each country has its own foreign policy and diplomats have dual responsibility, they need to achieve national interest and ensure global peace and prosperity. Global health diplomacy become important because through the global interaction, interconnection, and global mobility require nations to work together in handling issues regarding global health. There is also three objectives from WHO to the global health diplomacy. Mr. Adam also explained about global health diplomacy characteristics namely transboundary in nature, complexity of negotiation, the role of science & scientist, and innovative. Before proceeding to the next agenda, there was question and answer session where many participants eagerly asking questions.

In the table manner course session, Mr. Dikki presented about the rules and the correct way of doing table manners. He explained that table manners are the rules of etiquette used while eating to tell you the way you eat at the table, which also includes the appropriate use of the utensils. Through table manners, the education background, family history, culture, and language of someone can be assessed. It is defined by how someone do the table manner, for example if someone likes to travel will know to do table manner correctly. Not forget, the explanation about the table manner utensils and when to use it in order of table manner also delivered with the description of the size and function differences between each utensil. Same as the webinar session, participants also asked many questions regarding to table manner that is important to a diplomat.

The event resumed after a twenty-five minute break, this time the short diplomatic course session was guided by three Chairs. This session was impressively occurred where the delegates from each country gave their opinions on the topics that had been given. Furher, there was a presentation from the representatives of PUMUN who introduced the club and shared the information about the recruitment. After the presentation, finally came up to the awarding session for three delegates who were actively deliver their opinion during the short diplomatic session. The delegates of Sudan with the delegates of Uganda and the delegates of Central Africa Republic received the award from Chairs.

The last agenda which was the closing took over by the Master of Ceremony, and not to forget also encouraging all the committees and participants to do the photo session together. Hope through this event every participant would get beneficial knowledges about how to be a diplomat.

By: Enya Varianna (IR 2020)

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