Roadshow To Campus: “How Good Is Your Consumer Goods — Menilik Keterkaitan Barang Konsumsi Terhadap Kelestarian Hutan Papua”

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG  – Friday (20/11), President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) in collaboration with Yayasan Econusa had successfully conducted Roadshow to Campus event with the theme of “How Good Is Your Consumer Goods — Menilik Keterkaitan Barang Konsumsi Terhadap Kelestarian Hutan Papua” With an incredible speaker, Mr Bustar Maitar as the CEO of Yayasan Econusa and Mr Muhammad Sigit Andhi Rahman, Ph.D. as the Moderator of this event. Although this event was held online, the atmosphere and excitement of the participants were very positive. 

This event was opened by the Master of Ceremony and continued with playing the National Anthem of Indonesia; Indonesia Raya and video footage of Papua Forest. Then proceeded to Ms Natasya Kusumawardani, S.IP., MProfStuds (Hons) to give her opening remarks as she also hoped this event would be useful for students to be more concerned about wisely using consumer goods and about the Papuan forest ecosystem. Before proceeding to the main session, the Moderator read out the short profiles of the speaker as he added his concern about the forests of Papua. 

Proceeding to the main session, Mr Bustar Maitar gave his opening speech and started to talk about deforestation and explain that the land ecosystem of Papua is the source of life for the Papuan people. Besides, he described the impact on forests due to oil palm expansion which is used as the main ingredient in the production of goods and encourages people to be wise in buying and consuming goods. Last but not least, he urges the public to change their consumption style to environmentally friendly by reuse, reduce, recycle.

After the speaker had finished, the Moderator opened the Question and Answer session as he also reaffirmed the importance of preserving the forest and encouraging people to change their lifestyle and to be wise in consuming goods. Before this event was closed by the Master of Ceremony, there is a quiz session. All the participants were eager to answer the questions correctly. Further, the Roadshow to Campus event was officially closed since the quiz finished. Last, the Master of Ceremony expressed her gratitude to all the participants.


By: Khairani Raisha (IR 2019)

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