Teaching The Art of Debate through Debate 101

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG - Friday (13/4), President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) had succeeded to conduct a newly established event, Debate 101 2018. The event itself has the objective to introduce International Relations’ students to the art of debate as well as increasing the interest of the students towards debate field. Conducted at Charles Himawan Auditorium of President University, the event invited Roderick Sibarani, an alumnus of English Debate Society (EDS) Universitas Indonesia.

Roderick Sibarani emphasized about the essence of debate and the requirements of a debater such as sufficient knowledge and willingness. He explained about motion, role of the speakers and how to brainstorm ideas. He also explained how to do case building which consists of defining the debate, building the argument and doing rebuttal. He also mentioned about the rules and regulations in debate.


After the material session, this event continues with the debate simulations, which performed by the participants. The event successfully ended with awarding session with several categories, the Best Group and the Best Speaker. The 1st Best Speaker won by Rendy Utomo (IR 2015), followed by M. Ilham Razak (IR 2016) and La Ode Rifaldi (IR 2017) as The 2nd and 3rd Best Speaker. Congratulations!

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