IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG – On 24th of July 2021, President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR)  in collaboration with Youthable successfully conducted the event called Social Project PUMA IR x AIRA. The webinar was initiated to share and discuss more about the future career and education of IR graduates notably in this globalization and the more advanced era. Furthermore, this webinar was also being arranged to gather the fundraising to help people in Lembata, East Nusa Tenggara, which at last will be donated to them to rebuild their house that was affected by natural disaster. The webinar also invited the Head of International Relations Study Program (Head of IRSP),  Mr. Dr. Muhammad A.S Hikam M.A, Ph.d and the representative of Youthable, Ms. La Ode Rifaldi Nedan Prakarsa.

The beginning of the webinar was opened by the Master of Ceremony, and then continued to red all the agenda that will be through on that day. Before jump into the main agenda, the Master of Ceremony welcomed certain parties to their opening speech, which the first speech came from the Head of IRSP, Mr. Dr. Muhammad A.S Hikam M.A, Ph.d. Then, the second was delivered by the Chairperson of PUMA IR 2021, Marcelino Timothy. Not to forget also, welcomed the Project Manager of the event, Chandra Eka and the representative of Youthable, Ms. La Ode Rifaldi to deliver their speech. After the speech session, then eventually arrived at the awaited agenda, which was the material session. The material session was being led by the moderator, Massimo Nicolin also with the three outstanding speakers. The first speaker was delivered by Ms.Iis Nurhidayanti, the Assistant to Director at SRH Enterpriser(AUS) pty.Ltd.] which discussed how to define our future career and how to prepare for it. Next to another marvelous material, which was delivered by Ms. Intan Faradila, the Junior Consultant for Procurement and Supply Chain (UNDP Indonesia), at her session, she was delivered about the study abroad and the scholarship overseas notably in Poland. Eventually, arrived at the last material that no less exciting, which discussed about Uni-Italy and the education in Italy and was delivered by Mr. Romero Sinaga as the representative of Association Uni-Italia.

After the material session, we came up the most awaited agenda which was the question and answer session and led by the Moderator. The participants were very excited and actively asking the questions toward all the speakers. After the question and answer session, finally came up to the last agenda which was the closing that took over by the Master of Ceremony, and not to forget also had a photo session with all of the participants. Hope all the knowledge may be beneficial and the donation that be resulted may be helpful for people in Lembata.

By: Igesta Putri (IR 2020)

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