December 20, 2015


Officially established in 2009, International Relation Faculty of President University is one of the most outstanding major among the other faculties with its diverse students along with its honorable achievements.  The major International Relation introduces and engages students from all around the cities in Indonesia as well as students from countries overseas inside the complex yet fascinating world of politics and international affairs.

Since 2009, the students have been increasing to a higher amount and numerous achievements have been gained along with other developments. It is likely to be found that there are a lot of various interests among the students too – some have high interest and focus on the varied knowledge of culture of the countries around the world, some have high interest in learning about climate change and the roles of the countries and international organizations to handle the issue, and some simply have interest in all issues regarding the relations between nations.

With so many interests and talents among the students, in 2011 under the International Relation Study Program, President University Major Association International Relation (PUMA IR) was established under the initiative of ProfAnak Agung Banyu Perwita, Ph.D. PUMA IR copes in a lot of activities and agendas related to International Relation study which is divided into several divisions with the students of IR itself who work as the members and committees.

As the years go by, PUMA IR has been vastly developed in serving and creating events for the benefits of IR students and the major itself. PUMA IR continues to be more proactive and innovative in students events both internally and externally. Furthermore, PUMA IR has been generally acknowledged as the best Major Association in President University and has brought the name of President University to a broader recognition among the other universities in Indonesia.

The International Relation major is growing at a tremendous development every year. Every day we are creating history with what we do, create, and achieve that will later resulted for the benefits of the IR major in President University in the future. By knowing past history and background of IR major we can have a fuller understanding so that we can be better to face the next coming years ahead of us.

By: Esther Lidya Lasut (IR 2015)