PUMA IR Comparative Study 2020

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG  –  Saturday (07/03), President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) went to Bandung in collaboration with HMPSIHI Universitas Parahyangan to conduct an event called, Study Comparative. Arriving there, the group of PUMA IRs was immediately greeted warmly by the chair of Study Compare from Parahyangan University, Serafin Paulin, to guide PUMA IR to the Auditorium room where the main Study Compare activities took place.

This event was begun by the Master of Ceremony, Jonathan and Leonardo from HMPSIHI Universitas Parahyangan. With enthusiasm from all participants, this event started with welcoming greetings and a speech by Project Manager of Study Comparative, Serafin Paulin from HMPSIHI UNPAR. Following to the next session, Chairperson of HMPSIHI UNPAR, Tubagus Taufik and Chairperson of PUMA IR, Rafly Azhari and each of them are delivering their speech. 

Proceeding to the next agenda, HMPSIHI UNPAR gave an introduction and a brief explanation about HMPSIHI work plans and organizational from each division. Do the same as them, PUMA IR also have a presentation and brief explanation about its work plans by each Head of Divisions. After the explanation from HMPSIHI UNPAR and PUMA IR, there is a QnA session. Some of the questions raised by Study Compare participants were very enthusiastic and were interesting questions related to the subject matter faced by an organization.

Move to the next agenda which is Focus Group Discussion (FGD) between HMPSIHI UNPAR and PUMA IR. After that, there is a sharing session about the problem and study cases that are faced by HMPSIHI UNPAR and PUMA IR. Here between PUMA IR and HMPSIHI UNPAR got to know each other better and began to share their experiences.

At the end of the event, there is an exchange of tokens of appreciation and also We took pictures together with Universitas Parahyangan to capture the memories as the symbol that this event was ended. After the event took place at the Auditorium, PUMA IR was guided around the campus of the social and political science faculties, starting from the lab room, the student park to the beautiful front yard of the campus

From this event,  hopefully, both PUMA IR and HMPSIHI UNPAR can expand and develop each other’s organization to coordinate with other different perspectives and hope that the relationship between PUMA IR and HMPSIHI UNPAR can work together in the future.


By: Chandra Eka (IR 2019)

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