PUMA IR 2019 Organizational Training

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG – Saturday, (26/1) The members of the President University Major Association of International Relations 2019 (PUMA IR) have gathered together for the much-needed Organizational Training. This is event was prepared by each head of division in PUMA IR to teach the new members a good understanding of the organization itself. All gathering at Charles Himawan Auditorium, President University on Saturday, 26th of January, the event started off with the members doing a necessary morning exercise, otherwise known as senam. This is a well-known exercise in Indonesia to relax the muscles but get the blood flowing, which was very necessary for the event.



The event started off with an introduction by the new Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of PUMA IR 2019, Muhammad Hibban and Joseptian Feliks, where they had opened with the vision and mission of what PUMA IR will represent in the year to come, along with the culture that the members will need to enhance and practice during the time as a member of the organization. They had also explained the flow of bureaucracy, and other information that the all members required to be aware of. The next session was with the Treasurer and Secretary where they explained about their division and job descriptions, along with systems that every member needed to know for future references. There had also been a brief explanation about the website that each representative of each division needed to know in case there was something that was required to be put online for easier access.

The event was cut short for a session of ice-breaking, along with a lunch break before it proceeded to the next agenda, which was Sharing session. In this agenda, the former PUMA IR members had visited the new members to share of their personal experiences while they had been in PUMA. It was a great chance for each member of the divisions to bond with their seniors, and share stories that could help with future plans in PUMA IR. This agenda came to an end with warm and motivating words from the seniors for the members that will serve for the next year in PUMA IR, and it closed off with a photo session to keep in permanent memories.

Lastly, the event ended with a games session that was moved to the President University Student Housing, where the members of PUMA IR had to play games involving teamwork, agility, and cooperation to one another. The purpose of the games was to bring a sense of belonging, trust and transparency for the members, in hopes that they’ll improve PUMA IR for the coming year.

By:  Famitha Dianputri Latif

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