IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG – On 9th of March 2021, President Center for International Studies (PRECIS) in collaboration with President University of Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) had successfully conducting the webinar series with the topic about “Memahami Islam di Indonesia” with the speaker is Prof. Thomas Pepinsky and there is three discussants as the panelist, they are Dr. M. Syafii Anwar, M Raudy Gathmyr, S.sos.,M.Si, and Dr. Ismail Suardi Wekke. This webinar is also supported by Post-Graduate Program IAIN Sorong and Student Council UIN Alauddin Makassar. This webinar was held through Zoom Online Meeting and was opened by Master of Ceremony and continued to Dr Muhammad A.S. Hikam, M.A., Ph.D. to give his speech.

Before proceed to the main agenda, the Master of Ceremony started to introduce first the speaker and all the panelists, and not forget also the moderator that will lead the process of discussion, Putu Ari Yuanda Krisna. Proceed to the main agenda, the discussion lead by the moderator, and Mr. Thomas Pepinsky started to present first about the material. In short, Mr. Thomas Pepinsky explained the correlation between piety and public opinion and was showing the findings of the correlation between piety towards democracy, Islamic banking, and relations between nations. After the presentation was over, the panelists are encouraged to give their comments and question also toward the topic that arose. Each panelist is very put fully concern with the topic, Dr.Ismail Suardi Wekke stressed the piety of people outside Java Island, the relation between Muslim and politic, and the access of the Islamic bank. Continued by Dr. M. Syafii Anwar who responded that he agrees that there is no correlation between piety and political choice from Indonesia’s citizens, and asking about the factor of populism, whether it is because of piety or political identity. The last response was delivered from Mr. Raudy Gathmyr, S.sos.,M.Si who was asked about the role and the influence of media to spread public opinion.

The next agenda continued by the question and answer session between the participants and the speaker, so many questions that received by the moderator, and this shows how interested they are to the topic. Eventually, the event arrived in the last agenda which also became the closing of the event, there was a conclusion by the moderator then continued to the photo session and closing remark by the master of ceremony.


By: Igesta Putri (IR 2020)

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