PRECIS Webinar Series II U.S. Election Special: “Tantangan Pesta Demokrasi Negeri Paman Sam”

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG –  On Saturday, 24th October 2020, President Center for International Studies (PRECIS) in collaboration with President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) had successfully held the PRECIS Webinar Series II with the topic of “U.S. Election Special: Tantangan Pesta Demokrasi Negeri Paman Sam” with two amazing speakers, Mr. Muhammad Sigit Andhi Rahman, Ph.D. and Ms. Lily Hikam, Ph.D.  Moreover, this webinar will be led by the Moderator, Mr. Tresno Wicaksono, BA.IR. This event was held through the Zoom Online Meeting and opened by the Moderator then continued to Dr Muhammad A.S. Hikam, M.A., Ph.D. to give his opening remarks.


Before proceeding to the main agenda, the Moderator introduces  Mr. Muhammad Sigit Andhi Rahman, Ph.D. and Ms. Lily Hikam, Ph.D. as the speakers for today’s event. Proceeding to the main agenda, Ms. Lily Hikam, Ph.D. gives his opening speech and talks about Voting in the United States. Starting from the system of the presidential election in the United States. Then she continued to explain the Electoral College and describes the differences between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Moreover, Ms. Lily Hikam, Ph.D. also added how the situations and challenges are going on to vote in the time of COVID-19, the result is most Americans preferred to mail their ballot as the reason of time and safety over the challenges during that time. For the final part of her presentation, she briefly talks about the polarization of American society. Next to another speaker, Mr. Muhammad Sigit Andhi Rahman, Ph.D. as he started by share his experience when he lived in the United States. Continuing to his presentation about the U.S. Presidential Election 2020, he started by explaining the presidency as an institution as the president is the only official elected by the entire country. Starting he explains the historical context of the voting system itself. Furthermore, he portrays the lessons learned in the presidential election there are about the American Political Culture itself,  Learning from the past presidents as developing leadership qualities, and also being active and engaged citizens which qualifies matter and which don’t when it comes to voting for candidates. 

After the speaker had finished, the Moderator opened the Question and Answer session. This webinar showered with many questions from the participants proving that many people are interested in the topic of “U.S. Election Special: Tantangan Pesta Demokrasi Negeri Paman Sam”. Further, the event was officially closed by the Moderator and completed with a quick photo session with the speaker and participants of the seminar.


By: Khairani Raisha (IR 2019)

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