September 6, 2018

PNMHII XXXII Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta



PNMHII (Pertemuan Nasional Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional se-Indonesia) is an annual event that initiated by FKMHII (Forum Komunikasi Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional se-Indonesia). In this year, PSNMHII will be held on November, 3rd – 7th 2020 in Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, D.I. Yogyakarta with the theme of “Development Gap among ASEAN: Problem and Agenda".

Paper Presentation

Paper presentation is one of the agendas in PNMHII XXXII UMY that provides space and scientific discussion media through paper research that is created and presented through video according to the sub-theme of each university. The video will be uploaded and displayed during a series of agenda papers presentation is taking place through YouTube channel PNMHII XXXII UMY.

Joint Statement Forum

The Joint Statement Forum (JSF) is a special forum for delegates to formulate a statement of attitude, respond to an issue, and provide advice on policies in ASEAN. In this agenda, the delegates will explain and take a firm stance regarding the issues discussed. The delegation can also submit suggestions as International Relations Students regarding ASEAN issues and policies which will be released as a result of implementing the UMY XXXII PNMHII agenda. The results of this forum will be submitted to the government as recommendations and student attitudes towards Indonesian government policies. JSF will be implemented online.

Video Competition

Video Competition is an event for delegates in the PNMHII XXXII UMY agenda to be able to creatively convey ideas and opinions related to themes carried through visual media, namely in the form of digital videos. The delegation will be given a theme that will be processed to be visualized into a video. Each delegate is given freedom in processing the given theme, including freedom to determine the type of video, video structure, and video content. The Video Competition will be held online.

Press Corps

Press Corps is one of the PNMHII XXXII UMY agendas in the form of a journalistic competition, where each delegation will watch the entire series of agendas online according to the platform of each chamber and explain the various agendas held at PNMHII XXXII UMY. The results of these journalistic activities are in the form of articles that will be contested.

Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Diplomatic Course

Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Diplomatic Course (MYDC) is a Model United Nations (MUN) session with the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Council which will be held on the online agenda of UMY's PNMHII XXXII.

Dreamwork Summit

Dreamwork Summit is one of the series of PNMHII XXXII UMY agendas as a means of discussion for participants in creating creative ideas which are then packaged in the form of work programs to be implemented in the environment around their campus as a form of dedication. Delegates can present creative ideas to help solve problems that occur in the surrounding environment. The Dreamwork Summit will be conducted online.


Open Registration

29 August - 11 September 2020

Paper Submission

29 August - 13 September 2020


13 September - 14 September 2020


18 September 2020

For any inquiries, please directly contact:
Muhammad Zayyed Akbar 
(line) mzakbarj
Amirah Ajani
(line): amiraha