Paper 101 X Movie Review 2019

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG – The Academic Division of President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) had held an event, titled Paper 101 X Movie Review. It was focused on teaching the new batch of International Relations study program about the basic knowledge of when writing a research paper, a common form of work the students of the study program receive from the lecturers, along with watching a movie. The event was mainly for the new batch, Batch 2019, and was deemed a success.

The event was held in the Lab IR (B106 & B107), with an opening speech from a beloved lecturer of International Relations study program, Ms. Natasya Kusumuwardani, expressing the importance of the event. The main speaker of the event was La Ode Rifaldi Nedan, from Batch 2017, who had given a detailed explanation about the basics of writing a research paper, giving tips and tricks on achieving a remarkable paper with substantial contents, and he had given an example from his own work as well. The participants were able to grasp as La Ode explained in great detail, but in a way that is easy to understand.

Once the first agenda was completed, it moved onto the Movie Review where the movie to be watched was A Taxi Driver (2017), a movie based in South Korea in the year 1980, that followed the life of a taxi driver as he was asked to drive a foreign journalist towards Gwangju, where a conflict between the citizens and authority had been going on. The audience had watched the movie intently, showing great interest and genuinely following the movie, finding it related to the tragedy of ’98 in Indonesia, giving the audience a chance to somewhat relate, as that specific tragedy is very much discussed in International Relations.

Sir Anggara Raharyo was the guide for the movie review once the movie had finished, leading the discussion. Many was discussed between him and the audience, before the event had ended with a photo session, and the dismissal of the participants.


By: Famitha Dianputri (IR 2018)

Documentation: Raissa Rendyani (IR 2018)

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