IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG – On Saturday, October 10th, 2020, President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) had successfully held an event, namely Paper 101. This event concentrated on teaching the basic knowledge of writing a research paper to the new batch of International Relations study program and also on the do’s and don’ts while writing a research paper. The event was specifically for Batch 2020 as the newest batch. Although this event was held online, the spirit and enthusiasm of the participants were very positive.

Paper 101 event was opened by the Master of Ceremony and then continued to the Moderator to guide the event. In this event, two speakers are well-known for how to properly write the paper. Before proceeding to the main agenda, the Moderator introduces Mr I Gusti Bagus Dharma Agastia, B.AM.Sc. and Karl Gading Sayudha from Batch 2018 as the speakers for today’s event. Proceeding to the main agenda, Mr. I Gusti Bagus Dharma Agastia, B.A., M.Sc. gives his opening speech as he talks about the reason why the lecturers assign papers. It is actually to assess your understanding of the material and to assess your ‘high-order thinking skills’ and more. Also, he explains what an ‘A’ paper looks like. First, it answers the question, follows the instructions set by the lecturers, and it is easy and enjoyable to read. Last but not least, he then added to always practice, ask the lecturers and ask them guidance, and also you may ask your friend to comment on your work to improve your research paper. And don’t forget to plan a strategy before starting to write. Next to another speaker, Karl Gading Sayudha to give his opening speech and do the presentation about basic knowledge of writing a research paper. Then, he explains what kind of sources which can be used and accepted as a source in a paper. Besides, he also explains how to make good citations or footnotes through the citation style. Karl Gading Sayudha emphasized the importance of managing time in writing papers and not procrastinating. Just as importantly, he stressed the importance of not plagiarism and doing paraphrasing in writing a research paper. He also added to use the plagiarism checker and check your plagiarism level so you can revise it later.

After the speaker had finished, the Moderator continued and opened the Question and Answer session. This Paper 101 event received many questions from the participants proving that many people are interested in how to write an ‘A’ paper. Further, there was an awarding session for the participant with the best question. Finally, this event was officially closed by the Master of Ceremony and completed it with a photo session with the speakers and participants.


By: Khairani Raisha (IR 2019)

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