NGOPS 2021 : The Myanmar Coup – Threat to Myanmar’s Democracy

IR.PRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG – On 24th of March 2021, under academic division PUMA IR 2021 has been successfully conducting the NGOPS event which stand for “Ngomongin Sosial Politik”. This year, the NGOPS event brought the topic about the Myanmar Coup : The Threat to Myanmar’s Democracy. The discussion was involving two speakers, they are Aloysia Kharisma and Kimberly Golda from International Relations from batch 2019. The event was being held through zoom online meeting and was opened by the Master of Ceremony and continued to the project manager, Andi Putri, to give her speech.

The Master of Ceremony started to read all the agenda and delivering the brief introduction about the topic and did not forget to introducing the speakers and the moderator, Massimo Nicolin who led the process of the discussion. Before proceed to the next agenda, the MC was handing over to the moderator to lead the discussion. Within the discussion, there were three main agenda, material session, free flow discussion, the last is question and answer session. To start the material session, the moderator welcomed the first speaker, Aloysia Kharisma to deliver the material. The material that brought by Aloysia was about the democracy in Myanmar and the effects of military government to democracy in Myanmar. Then, being continued to the second speaker, Kimberly Golda. The material that being brought by Kimberly was about the background of Myanmar government and was about how and why coup d’etat being happened in Myanmar. After the interesting material, the moderator welcomed the speakers to enter the free flow discussion. During this session, the speakers convey the arguments one another, the questions, and the further information regarding the topic, and the entire session was greatly beneficial. The last session of the discussion was the question and answer session, the participants were highly enthusiastic toward the topic’s discussion shown by many questions that arose from the participants.

Eventually, the event has come to the last agenda, which was closing. Before closing the event, there was an awarding session for speakers and the announcement for the participants who got the best question during the discussion. Not forgetting either the photo session with all participants and closing remark from the Master of Ceremony as the mark of the end of the event.


By: Igesta Putri (IR 2020)

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