IR GATHERING 2020: Riddle for The Lost Cure

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG – President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) has successfully conducted the IR GATHERING 2020. This year brings the theme of “Riddle for The Lost Cure” with the intended participants are the International Relations students Batch 2020 to create togetherness as a family to each other and other batches as well. Even though it was held during the COVID-19 pandemic and cannot be held in-person, this event was satisfactorily conducted online on 2-4 October 2020.

On the first day, this event was opened by the Master of Ceremony and continued to Dr Muhammad A.S. Hikam, APU to deliver his opening remarks as Head of International Relations Study Program. Before proceeding to the main agenda, there are welcoming speeches from Chairperson of PUMA IR and also the Project Manager of IR GATHERING 2020. Not only, the welcoming speeches, but there are also videos about introduction to committee and theme with a purpose that the participants able to know & enjoy this event well. Proceed to the main agenda, there is a webinar by bringing the material of International Relations and Concentration President University with the speaker Mr. Muhammad Sigit Andhi Rahman, S.IP., MA. In this webinar, he explains very well about the breadth and depth of the IR discipline as well as what kind of concentrations are in IR President University.  After the speaker finished, the Moderator then continued and opened the Questions and Answer session. Further, the first day of IR GATHERING 2020 was officially closed by the Master of Ceremony.

On the next day,  there is a webinar about the Introduction to the Organizations and CnCs under International Relations Study Program with the speakers coming from the representatives of PUMA IR, PUMUN, FPCI, IRIS, and Wolves Cheerleading. On this day, all participants are divided into four small conference rooms that each room has the representatives from each organization and CnCs. This session is to explain, introduce, and encourage all the participants to the organizations and various CnCs under IRSP. After all the representatives finished, the Moderator then continued to the Q&A session. Before the second day was closed by the Master of Ceremony, there was a game session. This session was full of laughs and a good atmosphere of competitiveness where all the participants are eager for winning and got the clue.

And for the last day, two webinars talk about International Relations Future Career with Alumni of International Relations Student of President University and Student Guidebook 101 with the special guest speakers. In the first webinar, Kak Randa Sandhita and Kak Denisa Rizkiya are talking about their university life and what are they doing now. They also give tips & tricks on various important information to do at uni-life to achieve their dream career. In the second webinar, that talks about Student Guidebook 101: How to Maximize your University Life. All the speakers are sharing their experience during their university life where they get a lot of achievements but, they can still have fun. Kak Angelo Wijaya and Mr Nanang Surahman deliver their speeches along with the advice that can be followed to maximize our university life. Both of the webinars are filled with many questions when it comes to the Q&A session. Moreover, in between of two webinars, there is a presentation of the project from each group. All the participants are doing the project well and happily. After all the webinar session finished, the Master of Ceremony then continued to award session and video-playing time. After movie video and IR events video to introduce all the participants to all the events in IR. When the time came to the end of IR GATHERING 2020, the Master of Ceremony then officially closed the event and completed it with a quick photo session with all the participants. 

See you on campus, Wolves! 🙂 


By: Khairani Raisha (IR 2019)

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