IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG – Under Sport and Art Division of PUMA IR 2021, International Relations Cup (IR CUP) 2021 has been successfully conducted within two weeks, which was from 10 April 2021 – 11 April 2021 and 17 April 2021 – 18 April 2021. This event was conducted publicly which opened for President University’s students as well as participants outside President University, with 6 e-sport games competition, there were Valorant, Point Blank, PUBG, Mobile Legend, Chess, and Billiard. Raising the theme from the Shazam movie, the event empowered all the players to compete fairly and raise the happiness within the matches. Even though the event was held online, the participant’s enthusiasm never subsided.

On the first day, there was the opening ceremony which was led and opened by the Master of Ceremony, and continued to shout the tagline together along with the participants. Next, we jumped to the speech sessions in which the first speech was delivered by the Chairperson of PUMA IR, Marcelino Timothy. Then, continued to the second speech which came from the Project Manager of IR CUP 2021, Muhammad Daffa, which at the same time also officially opened the IR Cup 2021. The atmosphere began more exciting when the video teaser which was so astonishing started to play. Arriving at the end of the opening ceremony, before closing the event, we sing the IR Yell together to evoke the spirit of all participants. Lastly, the Master of Ceremony encourages all the participants to prepare for the upcoming match for Valorant, PUBG, Mobile Legend, Point Blank, Chess, and Billiard.

Eventually, the event arrived at the closing ceremony which was on the last day of IR Cup 2021.  The closing ceremony was opened by the Master of Ceremony, then continued to the speech from the Chairperson of PUMA IR 2021 and next to the Project Manager IR Cup 2021. Even though the event was coming to a close, the enthusiasm and the spirit from all participants were always on fire, especially when shouting the tagline together and when the video recap of IR Cup 2021 being played as the sign that the event officially closed. The excitement and the tenseness combined during the awarding session which was interspersed with the marvelous performance from IR students. Hereafter, this event was officially closed by the Master of Ceremony, and do not forget to catch the moment through a photo session with all the participants.

By: Igesta Putri (IR 2020)

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