International Relations Cup 2020

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG – After the thrilling weeks of preparation, changeable weather and busy schedules, the annual event of International Relations Cup 2020 has finally come to an end. From Batch 2017 to Batch 2019 and many others had attended the competitions with motivation and ambition of becoming the champion. The tagline for this highly anticipated event was “Set Your Strategy, Raise for Victory” giving off the message to always be prepared and set the strategy to get the victory.


International Relations (IR) Cup 2020 started on February 5th, and had the same branches of sports as last year, consisting of: Relay Race, PES, Billiard, Badminton, Tug of War, Basket, Futsal, and Volleyball. All participants were excited and passionate to participate in all 8 categories, even though the weather was inconsistent and a lot of assignments, the ambition and eagerness of the players kept the atmosphere on fire. The closing ceremony of IR Cup 2020 was held on February 24th, along with the announcements of the champions. There was a performance by STM Band, performances of Darryl and Arief from French 4 2019, The Bringas, and also Syanne from French 3 2019.


The champions of the competition are : The champions of the Relay Race were Defense 2 2018 as the first winner, followed by Diplomacy 1 2018 and then French 4 2019 took third place. From PES, the first winner was French 1 2019, second winner was taken by Diplomacy 4 2017, and the third place, Japan 1 2019. The winners from Billiard were Diplomacy 2 2017 in the first place, Diplomacy 1 2017 in second place, and French 3 2019 as the third winner. Continued to Badminton; from the Single Male Category, the first winner was Diplomacy 2 2017, followed by Japan 2 2019 in second, and Diplomacy 1 2018 in the third place. For Single Female Category, French 3 2019 obtained the first place, with Guest, Sri Ariani as the second winner and French 4 2019 followed behind in third place. In the Double Mix Category, the winners were Diplomacy 1 2018, Diplomacy 3 2018, and Diplomacy 3 2017. In Tug of War, the winners were obtained by Diplomacy 2 2018, French 1 2019 and Diplomacy 2 2017. In Basketball, from the Female Category, Japan 2 2019 got the first place, followed by French 4 2019 and French 1 2019 in the third place. For the Male Category, Diplomacy 4 2018 obtained the first-place spot, with Diplomacy 3 2018 and Japan 1 2019 for second and third place. Diplomacy 3 2018  became the first winner in Futsal, from The Male Category, Japan 1 2019 in second place, and French 4 2019 in third place. From the Female Category, the winners were French 3 2019, Diplomacy 3 2018, and Japan 2 2019. Lastly, which was Volleyball, Diplomacy 3 2018 had once again received first place, followed by Diplomacy 2 2017 as second winner and Japan 1 2019 in third place.


Of all the competitions held for this year’s International Relations Cup, Best Supporters went to Japan 2 2019, and the General Winner was Diplomacy 3 2018. Congratulations to all the winners. The International Relations Cup 2020 not only helps find great athletes, but also strengthen relationships among International Relations students.

By : Khairani Raisha (IR 2019)

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