Grand Inauguration 2021 : Club and Communities under International Relations Study Program

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG - On Friday, 16 April 2021, the President University Major Association Of  International Relations (PUMA IR) has been successful in conducting the grand inauguration for clubs and communities under IRSP. This inauguration invited all the members and the former of FPCI (Foreign Policy Community Indonesia) chapter President University, International Relations Insight Magazine Community (IRIS), and President University Model United Nation Club (PUMUN CLUB).

The inauguration has started with the opening of the Master of Ceremony and continued by singing the national anthem of Indonesia Raya. Also, not forget to mention being continued to the speeches by the chairperson of PUMA IR, Marcellino Timothy, and proceeding to the second opening speech which came from the vice-chairperson of PUMA IR, Syanne Vianty Bernard. After all the speeches, the inauguration began, started with the pronouncement of the oath of office pronounced by the Chairperson of PUMA IR and followed by the members of the community. The pronouncement started from the IRIS Community, which was represented by the Editor in Chief 2021, Salsabila Nursyadita. Then, continued to the FPCI chapter President University which was represented by the President of FPCI, Darryl Radhifa. Lastly, from the PUMUN Club, which was represented by the Secretary-General, Aloysia Kharisma. The oath of office took place solemnly and smoothly. After the pronouncement of the oath of office, the Editor in Chief, the President, and the Secretary-General who served for the year 2021, gave their speeches, respectively. Not to forget, all the former from the related community also gave their speeches as an official sign of handover of position.

Eventually, we arrived at the last agenda which was the photo session altogether then continued to photo session for each community in each breakout room that has been provided by the committee. Before officially closing the agenda, all the participants are encouraged to play the game together first as the time to have bonded with each other. As the game was already over, this became the sign that the grand inauguration agenda has been over and officially closed by the Master of Ceremony.


By: Igesta Putri (IR 2020)

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