General Lecture: Towards a Developed and Radicalism Free Indonesia

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG – On Thursday, February 5, 2020, President University’s Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) collaborated with Faculty of Humanities conducted a General Lecture with the topic of : “Menuju Indonesia Maju dan Bebas Radikalisme”, which was delivered by the speaker, Mrs. Prof. Dr. Musdah Mulia, M.A. ,Indonesian’s women’s rights activist and chairperson of ICRP (Indonesian Conference on Religions for Peace) and Mrs. Witri Elvianti, S.IP., M.A. as a moderator of this event. 

The event was held in Charles Himawan Auditorium, with opening remarks from Dean of Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Endi Haryono, S.IP., M.Si and continued by Dr. Drs. Chandra Setiawan, M.M., Ph.D to deliver his opening remarks. Before it continued onto Mrs. Prof. Dr. Musdah Mulia, M.A. to deliver her speech and presentation, Mrs. Witri Elvianti, SIP., M.A. as a moderator, she explained that Radicalism is a parasite that starts from fanaticism to religion which has a tendency to imagine an ideal religious society and is followed by the desire to create a Khilafah state. 

Mrs. Prof. Dr. Musdah Mulia, M.A. as a speaker of the event had given an amazing explanation about the Radicalism in Indonesia. Her speech was started off with how we are all responsible for advancing Indonesia in freeing the danger of Radicalism. It continued to various ways and many signs of that Radicalism targeting mostly young people, where these young people initially only want to get religious guidance. She also explained about four Radicalism groups that already exist in Indonesia. In the end of her speech and presentation Mrs. Prof. Dr. Musdah Mulia said we can minimize or even remove Radicalism with the action of urge the government to consistently be able to uphold the values of Pancasila. 

Mrs. Prof. Dr. Musdah Mulia, M.A. had received many questions from participants regarding the topic, proving getting attention and curiosity from the participants, where the speaker gave their best to response the question. The event was officially closed by the Master of Ceremony, and completed with a quick photo session with the speaker and participants of the seminar. 


By: Khairani Hegi (IR 2019) 

Documentation: Raina Saerang (IR 2019) 


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