President University became the Host of International Humanitarian Law Debate Competition 2017

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG– Friday-Sunday (18/08/2017-20/08/2017), Academic Division of President University Major Association of International Relations (PUMA IR) conducted International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Debate Competition 2017 in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross  (ICRC) for Indonesia & Timor Leste, which took form of a debate competition among international relations students across Indonesia to discuss specifically within the field of international humanitarian law. Held in Horizon Jababeka Hotel and Charles Himawan Auditorium of President University, ten different teams from numerous universities were expected to challenge themselves against the opponents with “Humanitarian Crisis in Armed Conflicts: Its Concern and Actions” as the main discussion theme.

Opened symbolically by the Vice Rector IV of President University, Mr. Handa S. Abiddin, S.H.,LL.M.,Ph.D and the representative of ICRC for Indonesia & Timor Leste, Mr. Luc Haas, the very first day of the event was used as the platform to introduce both the substantial and technical matters of the competition: A seminar session from Mrs. Hj. Rina Rusman, S.H.,M.H, the Legal Advisor of ICRC for Indonesia & Timor Leste and the Chief Adjudicator of this event, followed by Debate 101 and Adjudicator 101 delivered by the substance team in coordination with the special Deputy Chief Adjudicator of this event – Sandy Sanjaya from Gajah Mada University and I made Arisanto Jonathan from Bandung Institute of Technology.

Not only glued-up to competitive matter, IHL Debate Competition committees also held a luxurious gala dinner right after the conduct of preliminary round with the theme of “The Super Gala of Amazing Superheroes”, considering that the debating teams were named or identified by the names of superheroes, instead of each represented universities. During the gala, the ‘heroes’ were aided by well-served meals, stunning music performances, and exciting sessions to light up the atmosphere, with hope that all the heroes will cherish their last night of the competition.

After a long, tiring journey that requires strong efforts, four teams had made it to the final round to fight over winning titles: The Flash (President University), Batman (Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta), Iron Man (Gajah Mada University) and Captain America (BINUS University). The Flash Team and Batman Team fought for 3rd place of the competition meanwhile Iron Man Team and Captain America Team gave their best shot to get to the 1st place, making it this event’s iconic “Civil War” as Iron Man and Captain America were coincidentally facing each other. In result, The Flash Team from President University managed to snatch the 3rd place, meanwhile Iron Man Team from Gajah Mada University succeeded to get the 1st place, making Captain America Team from BINUS University seized the 2nd position.

“I am so glad to be part of people who actually saw the war of the superheroes. We were actually bonded by faith in those three days. Even though we didn’t make it to the final, we are still excited and able to enjoy every session of this event. Also, I want to say thank you for the committees especially the liaison officers for all the guidance and information you give to us during the past three days.” Said Adhira, one of the participants from Hulk Team.

The event was later concluded by awarding session for the winning teams, tailed by token of appreciation giving between President University and PUMA IR with ICRC for Indonesia & Timor Leste for the massive and outstanding cooperation in conducting this event.

By: Gusti Ayu Putu Nandarista S (IRE – 2015)

Documentation by : Dicky A

Edited by : Nuniek Aneira

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