Ambassadorial Lecture Series from British Embassy

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG  ̶  Wednesday (6/9), the International Relations Study Program of President University was visited by the distinguished British Embassy in Jakarta, as a response of the Embassy towards the invitation in convening an Ambassadorial Lecture Series.  With the theme of “The United Kingdom (UK)-Indonesia Relations Post Brexit”, and moderated by Ms. Isyana Adriani, BA., M.Si as a lecturer of International Relations Study Program, His Excellency (HE) Ambassador Moazzam Malik, the British Ambassador to Indonesia, ASEAN, and Timor Leste, gallantly delivered his speech regarding the condition of United Kingdom’s and Indonesia’s relations.

There are several points of discussion that HE Ambassador Moazzam Malik presented : the bilateral relations of UK-Indonesia in the sector of education, the aftermath of Brexit to Indonesia, and how UK will prevail post Brexit. HE Ambassador Moazzam Malik delivered the fact that Indonesia, being crowned as the fourth of the most populated country in the world, needs to properly (and in maximum) utilize its potential and resources, either the natural or human ones.

Since HE’s  administration in the British Embassy to Indonesia in 2014, HE Ambassador Moazzam Malik observed that Indonesia has been facing some troubles in the development of its sector of education. Realizing the fact, HE stated that the British Embassy to Indonesia has established a joint educational programme between UK and Indonesia, as the UK increases the quota for Indonesian citizens to study there.  Moreover, HE Ambassador Moazzam Malik  encouraged the citizens of Indonesia to learn languages, particularly English, as English is the international language of people. By doing so, HE expected the Indonesian citizens to promote their country to the world, as Indonesia has delightful cuisines, climate, and people.

Despite of the dire aftermath from Brexit, HE Ambassador Moazzam Malik shared that the UK will prevail due to the outstanding quality of its education, government, and relations with other countries. Furthermore, there are no vital  consequences of Brexit to Indonesia, especially for the sector of education. However, that doesn’t mean it will keep Indonesia from the troubles that the country might possible experience.  HE stated that UK is determined to help Indonesia in achieving its goals to become a developed country, and the relations of UK with Indonesia is getting stronger than what they used to have in the past. As the cherry on the top, HE Ambassador Moazzam Malik stated that “What you grow today its what you will pick tomorrow”, encouraging the participants of the Ambassadorial General Lecture to develop themselves for the future of Indonesia and UK.

This Ambassadorial Lecture Series was attended by approximately 263 students of International Relations Study Program, the Dean of President University’s Faculty of Humanities, Mr. Teuku Rezasyah, Ph.D., the Head of International Relations Study Program, Mr. Hendra Manurung S.IP., M.A., and the International Relations lecturers, Ms. Witri Elvianti, MA., Mr. Riski M. Baskoro, S.Sos., MA., Haris Rahmat Pratama, BA.IR., MA., and Mr. I Gusti Bagus Darma Agastia, M.Si.


By : A. A. Gede Basawantara (IR 2016)

Documentation by : Tira Triandita (IR 2016)

For full documentation click here.

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