National Maritime Seminar from Naval Staff and Command College: The Stability of Maritime Security in Indonesia is Indispensable

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIKARANG– Four students from International Relations President University attended the National Maritime Seminar conducted by Naval Staff and Command College with the theme of “Meningkatkan Kerjasama Kemanan Maritim yang Komprehensif dalam Rangka Membangun Ketertiban di Laut Yurisdiksi Indonesia” on Monday (10/07/17), in Naval Staff and Command College, Kebayoran, South Jakarta.

The seminar began with explanations about the importance of awareness of the maritime cooperation. Continued with further discussion about the way of building mutual understanding among stakeholders in order to face modern maritime threats and their implementation in solving the maritime problem comprehensively in accordance with both applicable national and international law, as well as the form of contribution in attempt to achieve order at Indonesia sea jurisdiction to be favoured for all the citizens.

“The stability of maritime security in the waters of Indonesian jurisdiction is indispensable to Indonesia, not only because of the sea as a source of livelihood, a unifying media and defense media for Indonesia, but also because of Indonesia’s responsibility to ensure security stability in the region.” stated Arusukmono Indra Sucahyo, S.E., M. M,  the Commander of Naval Staff and Command College in the opening of the Seminar.

This seminar was delivered by three speakers, namely the Commander of the Sea Security Group, Koarmabar Laksma TNI Bambang Irwanto, M.Tr (Han) with the material ‘To Build a Comprehensive Maritime Security Cooperation’; Kasubdit Kerma Polair Korpolairud Kombes Pol. Triyono Wibowo who delivered ‘The Role of the Police in Cooperation Realizing Security at Sea,’; and one of the honorable lecturers from President University, Prof. Anak Agung Banyu Perwita, Ph.D., who brought up ‘An Integrated Cooperation In Maritime Security: An Elusive Approach?’ as the main discussion.

Around 300 audiences from different entities attended the seminar, start from university representatives such as President University and Universitas Pertahanan, as well as several government agencies namely; Naval Staff and Command College, High Officers of the Indonesian Navy, Ministry of Defense, Supervision of Marine and Fishery Resources, Marine and Coast Guard Unity, and Marine Security Agency attended the seminar.

By: Laras Wintang Kirana (IR 2016)

Documentation by: Dicky Abdillah (IR 2016)

For full documentation click here.

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