International Relations of President University Goes to PSNMHII XXIX; Spreading the Excellence of the Alma Mater

IRPRESUNIV.ORG, CIMAHI – On 7 to 11 May, 2017 six students that became the delegates of International Relations Study Program of President University went to Cimahi to participate in the Pertemuan Sela Nasional Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional se-Indonesia (PSNMHII) XXIX. The six students that participated in PSNMHII consisted from batch 2015 and 2016, namely: I Gusti Ngurah Krisna Dana (2015), Andriani Florencia (2015), Teuku Dodi Alfayet (2016), Peter Sean Lie (2015), Muhammad Ilham Razak (2016), and Methildis Ayu Emanuela (2015).

PSNMHII is one of the annual meeting agenda of the Communication Forum of International Relations Students of Indonesia (FKMHII). This year, the PSNMHII has marked its 29th conference. PSNMHII XXIX was held in Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani in 7-11 May 2017 with the theme of “The Discourse of Indonesia’s Smart Power, Possibility or Mission Impossible?”. There were several agendas in the conference; Studium Generale, Paper Presentation, Sidang Forum (SF), Video Competition, Discussion Panel, and Military Visit. The military visit agenda highlighted the city of Cimahi’s renown as being one of the most concentrated regions in Jawa Barat in army training context.

IR President University’s delegation for PSNMHII are divided into three parties, the first one is to compete in the paper presentation, second is to compete in the video competition and the other one is to discuss regarding the development of FKMHII in the Sidang Forum (SF). Muhammad Ilham Razak and Peter Sean Lie represented IR President University for the paper presentation. Teuku Dodi Alfayet and Methildis Ayu Emanuela represented IR President University for the video competition. And, I Gusti Ngurah Krisna Dana and Andriani Florencia joined the SF to discuss with the leaders from other universities’ IR Study Program in Indonesia.

During PSNMHII XXIX, IR President University showed that we are not only academically capable but we are also capable in performing creatively and innovatively, as proven by the fact that our video was included in the top ten best videos. The video was about how we introduce the concept of Smart Power. We decided to bring the title of “Komposisi Penggunaan Power yang Dimiliki Indonesia untuk Menerapkan Smart Power”. Unfortunately, for Paper Presentation we were unable to get the award, but we made it to the top five of Paper Presentation.

In the SF, leaders from all universities’ IR Study Program in Indonesia under FKMHII were mainly talking about the development of FKMHII as a forum for IR students in Indonesia. We also discussed about several agendas that are related with the existence of FKMHII in order to optimize the function of FKMHII. Also in the end of SF, there was an announcement about the host for the next PNMHII XXVIII which is Pasundan University, Bandung. And for the next year PSNMHII, Lampung University has bid for it however the decision was still uncertain.

In the end, this year’s PSNMHII has given unforgettable experience for the delegates and the committees. We were able to gain more friends and network through the annual national meeting. Also, FKMHII through PSNMHII XXIX in Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani has brought yet another successful program that was able to connect and became a platform to exchange ideas within the best IR students in Indonesia. Although IR President University got no formal awards or achievements during PSNMHII XXIX, but we were able to spread the excellence of IR Study Program of President University and we would be able to implement the result of the national meeting towards the internal development.

By: Teuku Dodi Alfayet (IR 2016)

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