The Ambassador of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Visits President University

On Monday, April 17th 2018, Internal Relations study program of President University had an amazing opportunity to conduct a general lecture from Democratic People Republic of Korea (DPRK) Embassy for Indonesia within the theme of “Neutrality in Korean Peninsula”.

The event took place in Charles Hirmawan Auditorium of President University and started on 09.30 AM. The event attended by more than 100 International Relations students from batch 2013 until 2016. The General Lecture was opened by the Master of Ceremony regarding the agenda of the event continued by opening remarks from the Rector of President University, Dr. Jony Oktavian. On his opening remarks, Mr. Oktavian stated that it is a huge honor for President University to get a visit from DPRK Embassy and this event is a mark for good cooperation between President University and DPRK in the future. Furthermore, Mr. Oktavian was also officially announced that President University will be giving full scholarship for students from DPRK who is intended to pursue their bachelors’ degree in President University. After the opening remarks, the agenda continued with the general lecture from Mr. An Kwang Il, the Ambassador of DPRK for Indonesia.

Mr. An explained the main principles of DPRK’s foreign relations which are independence, peace, and friendship. With those principles, the government strives to further strengthen friendship and solidarity with the world’s people and to make the international communication independent and democratic, creating a free, peaceful, friendly new world, free from domination.

Up until now, The DPRK’s government has established diplomatic relations with more than 140 countries, promoting economic and cultural exchange and cooperation. It is due to national reunification and socialist construction which gains increasing support and encouragement. Thus, the ties of friendship between Korea and many other countries of the world have become closer. Besides, The DPRK’s government also has up to now, joined more than 210 international organizations and plays an active part.

After about 1 hour, the event continued with Question and Answer session moderated by Mr. Hoppi Yoon, one of the lecturer of International Relations study program who is a citizen of Republic of Korea. The Q&A session was held active and condusively, all 6 questions asked by the students were also interesting and critical, among them is the question on how DPRK government is handling the issue of nuclear program and also current relationship between Indonesia and DPRK.

The event ended around 12.00 PM and was closed by giving token of appreciation from President University by Mr. Jony Oktavian, continued by giving souvenir and IRIS Magazine by Mr. Teuku Rezasyah to Mr. An Kwang Il as the ambassador of DPRK for Indonesia. Lastly, photo session with the representations of DPRK embassy with lecturer and students are also conducted.

By: Lidya Susanti (IR Diplomacy 2015)

Documentation by: Tira Triandita (IR 2016)

Full documentation click here

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